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we do the work so you don't have to.

what makes us different:

We rehabilitate and train one puppy at a time round-the-clock in our home. We partner with a local dog rescue called Pokie & Friends (a 501c3 nonprofit), work with only a few dogs each year, & save the training fee toward opening a dog sanctuary.

Most times, you have to adopt the puppy & then send them off to training (or do it yourself). Our puppies come to you already trained & ready to cuddle.

why people love adopting

through us

Many trainers don't take young puppies because it's such a full time job. People love that with us, they not only gain a pre-trained companion that's been potty trained and socialized, but also contribute to our mission of opening a dog sanctuary to rescue and rehabilitate more dogs.

Meet some of the 35 puppies

we've successfully rehabilitated

what sets us apart

as a dog trainers

We foster, rehabilitate & train one puppy at a time, so you can enjoy the puppy phase without the headache!

We focus on small dogs that are raised to be cuddle buddies, and train them to be carried around in a sling so you can take them anywhere!

Our puppies are rescued from the streets & garbage dumps in Tijuana, Mexico, where there are thousands of strays roaming the streets

We take extra time and care to help these dogs return to their natural state of peace, playfulness, innocence & companionship, training only a small handful of dogs each year

We raise our dogs in a serene environment, attuning them to the frequency of calmness

We practice respect-based training, we never force them, yell, or show aggression

We offer post-adoption support for your family & UNLIMITED training for the entire life of the puppy

Our puppies are guaranteed to be super sweet, can be taken to work & friend's houses with you, have been socialized with kids/cats & dogs, and are potty trained

They'll be your sweetest, calmest, gentlest puppy ever. Guaranteed.

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Rescued, trained, & ready to cuddle.

Meet our current puppy in training: Violet

  • Name: Violet

  • Nicknames: Vi, Lady Long Legs, String Bean

  • Estimated Birth date: May 8, 2023

  • When we took her in: June 18, 2023 (about 3 months ago)

  • Gender: Female

  • Current Weight: ~9.5 pounds (under 3 pounds when we took her in!)

  • Current Age: 4 months

  • Estimated Breed: a mix of jack russell, parson russell, chihuahua, and italian greyhound

  • Estimated Size: around 15 pounds, mom is 8 pounds

Her backstory: Violet's mom was rescued from an abusive situation in Tijuana, Mexico about a week before giving birth to 4 puppies. Her 3 brothers have been adopted, and Violet was brought into our puppy training academy where she will be pre-trained before she meets her new adoptive family.

What we love about her: Violet is so incredibly sweet and snuggly. She also has an adorable spunkiness to her, she speaks her mind if she wants something, and she loves to take long naps. She's great with kids, cats, and dogs of all sizes. She's one of our top favorite pups of the 35 we've fostered & trained, and will make an excellent companion in any family.

Meet her foster parents and trainers:

Alyssa & andrew

a word from Violet's full-time trainer & foster mom, Alyssa:

Welcome! We're proud of our work rehabilitating pups like Violet and finding them forever homes.

My journey in dog rescue began 17 years ago when I found a sick puppy in a gutter. This experience ignited my passion for fostering and training puppies in need. My husband and I have fostered 35 dogs and partner with Pokie & Friends Dog Rescue, a 501c3 nonprofit.

We pre-train dogs before adoption to increase successful placements and fund our dream of opening a dog sanctuary.

By charging more, we can help more dogs because they come fully trained. For the price of an untrained purebred, you can save a stray puppy's life, fully vetted and trained using a 55-point checklist.

Violet is an affectionate, playful, and lovable dog ready for a forever home. To apply, click below.

We love this work and thank our adopters for providing loving homes. Your support makes it all possible!

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We train dogs to be the chillest, sweetest, most laid-back pup you've ever had. Guaranteed or your money back. We work with a local dog rescue to save a puppy from Tijuana, Mexico, and they come to Carlsbad where a calm and experienced dog trainer raises them for multiple months before adoption.

We use a 55-point checklist (on our website) to ensure they're ready to go - including potty training, leash manners, desensitization to loud noises, sleeping through the night, socialization with dogs/cats/kids, and so much more! The exact list is below

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the checklist we train our puppies on:

the answers to all your questions

where do your rescue dogs come from?

We partner with Pokie & Friends Dog Rescue, a 501c3 nonprofit that rescues dogs from Tijuana, Mexico, which is about 45 minutes south of us in North County, San Diego. We like to focus our efforts on Tijuana as our team leader has family there and frequently finds strays while visiting. We find these dogs are in desperate need of food, water, vet care, and shelter, so they become our priority.

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do you only rescue small dogs?

Currently, yes. While we love big dogs (and have one of our own), for now, we are limited on space. Plus little dogs are fun because they can be carried around in a sling, allowing for them to come everywhere - giving them more chances for socialization and more opportunities to snuggle :)

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what if i want to train the dog myself?

If you'd like to train the dog yourself, our dogs are probably not the best fit for you. Our puppy training caters to those who want the puppy experience but don't have the time, energy, or knowledge to fully train a puppy.

We're still happy to help though if you want to adopt & train a pup yourself - We'd love to help matchmake you with your next dog through the 501c3 nonprofit rescue we partner with, called Pokie & Friends Dog Rescue. Just send an email to Pokie & Friend's adoption fee is $500, and the dog you adopt will come up to date on vaccinations. And then you can come back to us for individual training sessions if you'd like some extra support

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what's the price & what's included?

We charge $3,500 for her adoption and training fee.

You're getting a steal of a deal! Most trainers charge $3,000-5,000 (some as high as $12k) just for 2 to 4 weeks of training, not including the adoption or the vetting. This is 8 weeks of training, vetting & unlimited lifetime training.

This price covers:

  • 12 weeks of training - For around $35/day, you'll get round-the-clock training, so that she's ready. to go when you're ready to take her home. We train our puppies using a comprehensive 55-point checklist that covers essential areas such as potty training, sleeping through the night, leash walking, using. the stairs, and socialization with dogs, cats, and children. Additionally, we ensure they become comfortable with activities like nail clipping, baths, and car rides through desensitization exercises. The duration of training varies based on how efficiently the puppy completes our 55-point checklist, but its typically around 8 weeks.

  • The adoption fee - $500 is immediately donated to the rescue that we partner with, to save more dogs

  • Cleared by a vet, confirmed to be healthy

  • Up to date on vaccinations

  • A book all about your puppy - We make a special book all about your pup - their origin story, training journey, cutest moments, favorite things, routine, report card on their progress, and an instruction manual. Our adopters always treasure this book for years to come.

  • 2 follow up visits from the trainer Alyssa - to help ensure you and your puppy have the support you need during their most formative months

  • Unlimited Lifetime Training - In the event that the puppy needs extra training or support, just reach out and we will personally train her in whatever you are needing, for her entire lifetime.

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how is the money spent from the training fee?

Funds primarily focus on four areas: saving for a dog sanctuary, helping more dogs, paying trainers, and covering puppy expenses. A significant portion is donated, supporting the dog rescue with a $500 contribution. The remaining funds are saved for establishing a sanctuary in North County San Diego, providing a safe haven for stray puppies from Tijuana. Additionally, funds cover essential items, such as beds and food, and compensate trainers for their dedicated round-the-clock care.

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im not ready to adopt yet. do you have a waitlist?

Great! We love to see great families added to our waitlist. Please use the link to submit more about the pup you're looking for and we will do our best to find one for you when the time is right! Spend 5 to 10 minutes filling this out and we will be in touch --> Click here,

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what training experience do you have?

Great question! We are very well-versed in dog training. Here's a few key things to know about Alyssa, the lead trainer:

-I trained under a dog trainer when I was 18, for multiple years

-I've been training dogs for over 23 years, starting with my childhood dog. It's been a bit of a lifelong obsession

-We've fostered 35 dogs ranging from 8 weeks old to 6 years old, majority of them have been young puppies, so we have at least the 10,000 hours it takes to be an expert in a topic.

-I've been studying puppy behavior and training since I was very young. My 10th birthday gift was "Raising puppies for dummies" and I read that book over and over, I still have it.

-I found a puppy walking in the gutter when I was 16, and she became my first foster dog. I've fostered dogs every year since

-I've been obsessed with dogs since I was little - I recently found all my dog books and puppy drawings from childhood, it's clear the Universe was leading me down this path

-I love to give back, so I volunteer with other organizations that train & educate around dogs

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Can we hire you for individual training sessions with our puppy?

Yes! While we primarily train one dog at a time via fostering, Alyssa does offer individual sessions in your home to train both your pup & your family (who usually need more training than the puppy!). The emphasis of our training is getting the dog to be calm, gentle, and well behaved.

The sessions are $150/session if you buy a 4 pack ($175 if purchased individually), and last 90 minutes. You can see the options for training below. And please email to connect further.

*a portion of all proceeds go to helping dogs in need

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Already have a dog & looking for training? Here's the options

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